Serdar Soytürk

Dr. Serdar Soytürk

He was born in 1953, Istanbul. He completed his secondary education at Bakırköy High School. He continued his higher education by entering the Air Force Academy. He left two years later and entered Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry and graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry in 1978.

He opened his first practice with his wife, dentist Ayşen Güner Soytürk. He became interested in dental implants in 1982.

In 1989, he was active in establishing the "Dental Implants Clinic" together with Dr.Türker Örnekol and Dr.Erkoç Dumanlı. Later, in 1994, he established the Cosmodent Dentistry and Implantology Center as a "founding partner".

His competence in dental implants was certified by the "International Congress of Oral Implantologists" (ICOI) organization with the title of "Fellow" in 1991 and "Diplomat" in 1993.

He is an active member of the "European Academy of Osseintegration".

He has been continuing his professional life under the roof of Brånemark Osseointegration Center Istanbul Turkey, which he founded, since September 2017.

He speaks English.

He is married and has two daughters.

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